Horsburgh & Scott Engineers and Manufactures High Quality Gears and Gear Boxes.

Our Expertise

We offer a complete portfolio of comprehensive industrial gearing service and repair solutions. Your production schedule is our highest priority. Before beginning any project, we provide a comprehensive evaluation and scope of the work. And because we stock our own materials, the typical six to 10-week process can be completed in four, with rebuilds requiring even less time.

Our Experience

The Horsburgh & Scott engineering team has over 135 years of experience designing, manufacturing and maintaining gearboxes in heavy-duty applications around the world. We have proven design standards for gearboxes up to 5000 HP and 4 million ft-lbs. with speeds from 0.5 to 3600 rpm. If we don’t have a standard gearbox to meet your needs, we can design a custom gearbox for your specific application.

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With experience and innovation, Horsburgh & Scott’s talented team leads to a future of company growth and continues to add strength to its 135 year legacy.


We have 135 years of experience accurately diagnosing any gearbox issue and suggesting the best possible option for repair, maintenance or replacement for our customers.


We are experiencing market growth and need dedicated, quality employees to be part of our team. Browse our available positions and apply here.

Turnkey Gearing Solutions

  • Design to Manufacturing
  • Reverse Engineering and Performance Upgrades
  • Gears up to 24 ft. (7.3m) in diameter and 287 in.
  • Gearbox Types: including Planetary, Concentric, Parallel Shaft, Split Power Path, Right Angle, Multi-Speed
  • In-house Heat Treating and Carburizing up to 50,000 lbs. (22,000 kg)
  • Induction Hardening to 5m in diameter or 30,000 lbs. (13,000 kg)
  • Inspection and Testing

Innovative Equipment

  • Fellows 65-16 Shaper with full CNC controls
  • Giddings & Lewis VTC 2000 vertical turning
  • Gleason-Pfauter P1600/2000 hobber/gasher
  • Gleason-Pfauter P2000G form grinder
  • Gleason-Pfauter P2006 form grinder
  • Gleason-Pfauter P2400/3000 hobber/gasher
  • Hofler R1600/2000 form grinder
  • Hofler R6000 form grinder
  • Hofler 1600 form grinder
  • Schiess horizontal boring mill
  • G&L 3500 vertical turning center
  • Farrel 50 ft. vertical turning center

Rebuild, Repair, Field Service

Rebuilt & Repaired thousands of gearboxes, and have a library of drawings across 120 brands.

  • Detailed inspections and evaluations
  • Dynamic modeling and optimization
  • No load spin testing
  • Equipment evaluation/analysis
  • Gear alignment
  • Installation and startup supervision
  • Lubrication system evaluation
  • Nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Preservation and long-term storage
  • Rebuilds of all manufacturers
  • Spare OEM parts
  • 24/7 Rush Breakdown Service

RISE and Deliver the Difference

RAPID RESPONSE – to our Customers and their needs
INTEGRITY – in everything that we design, manufacture and service
SERVE – our Customers with quality products and services
EXCEED – our Customers’ expectations