Dominion Gearbox Rebuild & Repair

Horsburgh & Scott is the exclusive owner of Dominion engineering gearboxes, and provides complete gearbox replacements, parts, repair and rebuild, and field service for all dominion gearing products. Dominion was previously based in Montreal, and was one of the largest providers of gearboxes in Canada, and its legacy is continued by the best in gearing, Horsburgh & Scott.

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  • Exclusive owner of Dominion gearboxes, parts and repair
  • Experience that includes rebuild and repair of all Dominion gears and gearboxes
  • Gearbox engineering and performance upgrades to maximize profitability
  • Dependable on-time delivery
Dominion Herringbone Balanced Design

Herringbone Gear and Pinion Technology

  • Herringbone design contributes to the dependability, efficiency, and long life of Dominion parallel shaft speed reducers
  • The balanced design eliminates internally caused axial thrust loads and allows uniform load distribution over the shaft bearings
  • Allows the use of identical shaft bearings and reduces the stresses on housings and cover

Single Reduction

Types SR and SRT Single Reduction Speed Reducers

  • Available in 11 different sizes
  • Standard ratios in the range of 1.5:1 to 9.5:1
  • Capable of transmitting torque in excess of 1,000,000 inch pounds

Double Reduction

Types DR and DRT Double Reduction

  • Available in 10 different sizes
  • Ratios ranging from 9:1 to 60:1
  • Reducers can transmit torques up to 1,400,000 inch pounds and above
  • Inspection port is provided to facilitate gear examination without dismantling the casing

Triple Reduction

Types TR and TRT Triple Reduction Speed Reducers

  • Available in 10 different sizes
  • Input and output shafts in the same horizontal plane
  • Ratios from 30:1 to 323:1
  • Torque capacities ranging up to 1,850,000 inch pounds