• How quickly can you rebuild or repair my gearbox?

    We have the resources to rebuild your gearbox under the following conditions:

    • Emergency breakdowns – we will work 24 hours per day/7 days per week
    • Scheduled outage – we will work with you for your outage dates
    • Standard delivery – if time is not critical we will work to our standard schedules at time of purchase

  • Can you reverse engineer my "X" brand gearbox?

    Horsburgh & Scott has the capabilities to reverse engineer components or the entire gearbox for an additional charge. The price and lead time depends on the amount of reverse engineering that is required.

  • How do I send my gearbox to you?

    • Please email or call us at 216.865.0108 for an “IMA” – Incoming Material Authorization number and for shipping instructions.
    • We can provide all necessary transportation to pick-up and return your equipment for an additional charge.
    • Shipping hours are from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday.

  • Can I send you my spare parts to use in the repair of my gearbox?

    • Horsburgh & Scott will use as many of your parts as feasible in order to minimize the overall rebuild lead time and cost.
    • Inspection of customer parts will be necessary and may include require additional time and minimal costs which will still keep the overall rebuild price to a minimum.

  • Can you rebuild any manufacturers' gearbox?

    Yes, we have the capabilities to rebuild any manufacturers’ gearbox.

  • Can Horsburgh and Scott match my existing foundation?

    Horsburgh & Scott specializes in the manufacture of replacement units to fit existing locations. Typically these replacements also include significant increases in load capacity.

  • My reducer is 40 years old, can I still get spare parts?

    Horsburgh and Scott provides spare parts for all units manufactured throughout its history. See the Replacement Parts area for further details.

  • What should I consider before upgrading my unit using carburized or induction hardening gear?

    • What is the condition of the housing?
    • Surface hardened elements require accurate bore alignment.
    • What is the load capacity of the shafting, keys, couplings and connected equipment?
    • What are the bearing life ratings?
    • What is the current oil viscosity and should it change?

  • Where is my serial number?

    • Units are identified by the serial number stamped on the nameplate, sides of gears and ends of pinion shafts. There are two kinds of serial numbering systems. The earlier serial numbers are a letter (e.g. A,B C…) followed by four digits; for example, M1234, T7000, G0010, J8451. In some cases, there is an additional letter following the serial number. This is used to identify multiple quantity items for the same size unit. Starting in early 1998, serial numbers were changed to be a six-digit number.
    • If the nameplate has been removed, all of the gears and shaft pinions will be stamped with a Horsburgh & Scott identification number.

  • What is the typical turnaround time to receive spare parts once they are ordered?

    • For gears and pinions, the standard delivery time is eight to 10 weeks. Bearings and lubrication system components would require two to four weeks. Assemblies would require 12 to 24 weeks.
    • Horsburgh & Scott can also supply expedited delivery times to meet your requirements, which can range from two to eight weeks depending on size, material grade and hardness.

  • Can you provide parts for gear boxes that are not manufactured by Horsburgh & Scott or Dominion Engineering?

    Yes. We have the expertise to reverse engineer and provide a quote on parts for any gear box make and model.

  • Do you provide any upgrades for equipment?

    We can help you think through your needs, recommend the right solution and provide product upgrades for longer gear life, more durability and greater performance. We can also perform ratio changes for gear box output, providing enhanced performance.

  • Who should I contact if I need a part or have questions?

    Horsburgh & Scott’s Spare Parts Team can be reached at or 216.431.3900.