Standard & Custom Gearboxes

Horsburgh & Scott has the engineering staff and experience to design a custom gearbox that will increase productivity and decrease downtime without cost of retrofitting or modifying existing base configuration.

Drop In Replacement Gearboxes

We have engineering drawings for many existing gearboxes, and have the capability to reverse engineer as needed. Modern manufacturing processes, tooling and materials enable us to manufacture a higher quality unit that is more efficient and quieter than your current gearbox.

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Low Speed, High Torque

Parallel Shaft, Bevel and Planetary Process Gearboxes to 135,000 Hp and Metal Twisting Torques.

  • Metals, plastic and rubber production
  • Sugar production
  • Ore crushing and processing
  • Wind turbine main gearbox

Medium Speed, High Power

Parallel Shaft, Bevel and Planetary Equipment Gearboxes to 15,000 Hp with High Impact Loading.

  • Dredging operations, pumping units and cutter head drives
  • Oil and gas fracking pumps
  • Pulverizers, tunnel boring, crushers and mixers
  • Conveyor drives
  • Crane and dock operations

High Speed, High Power

Parallel Shaft and Planetary Steam or Gas Turbine Driven Gearboxes From 3,600 to 15,000 Rpm Input.

  • Sugar and agricultural processing gearboxes
  • Chemical and pump gearboxes
  • Fracking pumps
  • Sophisticated engineering process and standards with the experience that includes rebuild and repair of thousands of gearboxes from more than 120 brands
  • Gearbox re-engineering and upgrades to maximize performance
  • Reverse engineering to meet or exceed original specifications
  • Dependable on-time delivery with some of the shortest lead times in the industry
  • The leader in gearbox manufacturing with a full range of capacities including in house heat treat, gear cutting and grinding and assembly
  • Capabilities to manufacture small, medium, and larger gearboxes
Horsburgh & Scott will match gear ratio, coupling size, hydraulic system, etc.