Horsburgh & Scott is a provider of the Premium brand standard gear drives and equipment offering high quality, cost-effective solutions for your power transmission needs. We feature heavy-duty gearing, housings designed for rugged service, and a wide range of capacities and configurations.

  • Exclusive provider of Dominion gearboxes and spare parts
  • Experienced in rebuild, repair and drop in replacements for all Dominion gearboxes
  • Available performance upgrades to maximize profitability
  • Dependable on-time delivery, minimal lead times

Helical Gear Drives – M Series

Case carburized and ground helical gearing available in parallel shaft and right angle configurations. Foot mounted/shaft mounted designs. Housing designed for increased thermal capacity.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 6,637HP
Ratio range: Up to 450:1
Center Distance: Up to 40″

Helical Gear Drives – H Series

Case carburized and ground helical gearing available in parallel shaft and right angle configurations. Foot mounted/shaft mounted designs.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 11,500HP
Ratio range: Up to 657:1
Center Distance: Up to 63″

Cooling Tower Gear Drives

Case carburized spiral bevel gears in cast housing with splash lubrication and three point foundation that provides a right angle configuration.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 800HP
Ratio range: Up to 20.9:1

Planetary Gear Drives

Compact planetary gear drive with high power to weight ratio. Modular construction with high interchangeability of parts.

Torque Range: Up to 36,000,000 in-lbs
Ratio range: from 4:1 to 3164:1

Gear Motor Drives

Concentric inline and horizontal offset gear motor drives. Available in hollow shaft and right angle configurations.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 120HP
Concentric Inline Torque Range: Up to 221,000 in-lbs
Horizontal Offset: Up to 71,000 in-lbs

Worm Gear Drives

Rugged cast housing construction, cast bronze gears and precision ground worms provide exceptional strength.

Horsepower Capacity: Over 300HP
Ratio Range: Up to 4,900:1
Center Distance: Up to 28 in. center distance
Torque Range: Over 1,400,000 in-lbs

Altra Worm Drives

Worm drive featuring die-cast aluminum housing in foot and flange mounted versions.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 10 HP
Ratio Range: from 7.5:1 to 1600:1
Center Distance: from 1.25″ to 5.9″
Torque Range: Up to 11,000 in-lbs

Fluid Couplings

Fixed fill fluid couplings supporting soft start applications.

Horsepower Capacity: Up to 2,400 HP
Fluid Circuit Diameter: From 8″ to 41″

Types available in multiple mounting arrangements and performance options: FCU, FP, DFC, DFP, PSS, HTC, AFC, SFC, SDFC, WDFC, SFU, STC