Gear Maintenance & Troubleshooting Training Course

Don't miss the next session of DELIVERING THE DIFFERENCE: Gear Maintenance and Troubleshooting Training Course at the Horsburgh & Scott headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Why Attend?

Horsburgh & Scott has over 135 years of engineering expertise in the world’s most advanced high torque, large gear drive systems.

Our trainers have created an exciting new curriculum for head-of-maintenance staff. This year’s Gear School will feature hands-on, practical learning from the experts in the industry.


  • Potential Causes of Concern
  • Inspecting Tooth Face Contact and Isolating Causes for Improper Contact
  • Troubleshooting Surface Distress On Gear & Pinion Teeth including Contributing Factors
  • Isolating the Causes of Elevated Noise Levels in Drives
  • Trouble Shooting Temperature Variables in Drives
  • How to Inspect Bearings, End Plays and Float
  • Understanding Backlash
  • Identifying Oil Leaks and Root Cause
  • Gear Theory and Calculations


William M. Andreski

MetConsult LLC / MobilMetals LLC

Bill Andreski has over thirty-years of experience in heavy manufacturing, specializing in medium and large gear manufacturing, steel metallurgy, forging and heat treatment processes.


CEO – Horsburgh & Scott

President & CEO of Horsburgh & Scott, Randy has more than 25 years of experience with industrial power transmission solutions in a variety of technical, commercial and leadership roles.


Regal Beloit

Dennis has over 40 years power transmission experience with PTS. The last twenty five years have been specifically focused on coupling applications in heavy industry.


The Timken Company

Nigel Los has 40 years of application engineering experience in heavy industry applications primarily in the metals industry. He worked 20 years for several major metal rolling mill OEMs and has been with The Timken Company as a mechanical power transmission and bearing application specialist for the past 20 years.

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